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Lower Your Mortgage Payments

Reducing your rate and payment is one of the most common reasons to refinance. When mortgage rates are low, you may be able to save by refinancing. There are no-cost and low-cost options available to refinance a loan.

Refinance to convert an adjustable rate into a fixed rate. An adjustable rate can provide lower payments initially, but if you decide to stay in your home longer, consider refinancing into a long term fixed rate mortgage.

If you have an interest-only loan, a refinance can help you start paying down your principal loan balance . If you plan to keep your home long term, you can refinance to a 30 year fixed rate, while keeping low payments.

Refinance to change your 30 year mortgage to a shorter-term loan. If you want to pay off your home loan sooner, you may consider refinancing to a 15 or 20 year fixed rate in order to pay off your mortgage faster.

“My experience with and their partners was fantastic! Bruce worked with me to get the best rate, was very responsive and great to work with... Next time I refi or am looking for a loan - will be my first choice!”

- Jerry E.

“ After my last refinance being a not so pleasurable experience... I wasn't sure what to expect this time around. Luckily, was great and got me handled even despite a somewhat rocky last few years. ”

- Diane H.

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Where do we start? takes the stress out of home buying and refinancing by allowing consumers to get multiple offers from several lenders in a matter of minutes.

In addition to low cost home refinance, low cost home purchase loans, and home equity loans, also provides a number of mortgage tools including a home affordability calculator, a mortgage payment calculator and tips on mortgage negotiation.


Important Disclaimer: There is no cost to submit a loan offer request, or to get matched with lenders and receive conditional loan offers. You may shop for offers with us at no cost. You may review the conditional free loan offers from lenders and talk to the lenders at no cost. If after receiving your free offer you choose to work with a lender from our network to process a loan request, the lender you choose may require a fee to process a loan request. You have the option to agree or not agree to pay the lender a fee and accept their services. You will not be charged a fee of any kind from the lender until you agree to accept their services. The information provided by you to us is not an application for a mortgage loan nor it is used to pre-qualify you with any lender. Rates are subject to change. We are not acting as a lender or a broker ("Service Provider").